We guarantee our action work for as long as you own your firearm, and our warranty in most cases is transferable. 

Lazy Wolf Guns is dedicated to bringing the finest action services and aftermarket parts to its customers. 

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**03/04/2019 Announcement**

   We are experiencing an extremely high telephone call and email volume at this time, my sincere apologies for any delay in comms! LWG is blessed to be extremely popular and busy, but we also know that we have specific work queues which have very long extended wait times with customers who have been patiently waiting for us to get caught up. I am working 7 full days a week and making progress, but I will never sacrifice the quality of my work to make up time. Because of this, LWG is now CLOSING the books on all Reduced Reset Hammer-Fired Action Work, and all Nickel Refinishing orders, until we get everything caught up.

ALL VP Series Action Work queues including LWG Trigger Installation Packages will remain OPEN, *except those adding Nickel Refinishing to any parts.* We will notify customers here on our website, as well as on our Social Media when those queues re-open. More specific info can be found in the 'Current Wait Time' button above.        Thank you! 

Lazy Wolf Guns is owned and operated by Rick Holm, formerly the Operations Manager and master HK gunsmith at Grayguns Inc. Rick dedicated himself to developing and providing high quality action services and parts for HK and SIG pistols, and brings that passion and experience to Lazy Wolf Guns.