**09/22/2020 Announcement**

   ALL previously 'Temporarily Closed' work queues are NOW OPEN! This includes our popular HK-HF-MRAP package for Hammer-Fired HK pistols, and (outside) nickel refinishing on internal action parts. Please be advised that we are also updating wait times and pricing. We don't have to tell you, 2020 has been a crazy year. LWG has been blessed to not only continue working 7 days a week through the COVID-19 restrictions, but we are also humbled and proud to be busier than ever. Thank you to all of our fantastic clients, associates, vendors, and industry friends, who continue to help make us the best source in the world for aftermarket custom upgrades to Heckler & Koch pistols!  

Many of you are eagerly waiting for new LWG drop-in HK parts, including our Hammer-Fired Triggers. We are working with our partners now to bring those to market as soon as possible, as well as other parts that will knock your socks off! Stay Tuned! 

We guarantee our action work for as long as you own your firearm, and our warranty in most cases is transferable. 

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Lazy Wolf Guns is owned and operated by Rick Holm, formerly the Operations Manager and master HK gunsmith at Grayguns Inc. Rick dedicated himself to developing and providing high quality action services and parts for HK and SIG pistols, and brings that passion and experience to Lazy Wolf Guns.

Lazy Wolf Guns is dedicated to bringing the finest action services and aftermarket parts to its customers.