Rick Holm

About Lazy Wolf Guns

Rick is a father, gunsmith, and Reserve Deputy Sheriff. He began his career in the firearms industry at Grayguns Inc, where he worked his way from gunsmith to General/ Operations Manager, developing parts and services for many different models of HK, SIG  Sauer, and other firearms. 

Rick Holm- owner

From left to right: J.J. Racaza, Rick Holm, Max Michel, Tim Herron

People frequently ask if there is a story behind the business name 'Lazy Wolf Guns.' When I was growing up my parents raised hybrid wolves. It was amazing to learn first hand about their nature, habits and pack structure. They are wicked smart and fiercely loyal creatures, and can be sweet and loving or hauntingly terrifying. 
As they were deciding on a name for their ranch we designed a livestock brand that included a sideways, or lazy "W." In cattle branding, when a letter is turned 90 degrees it is designated as lazy. This also helped to describe that playful and relaxed part of their personalities that we loved.