Fill out the form below and click submit. You will be emailed a copy of this form within 24 hours, please print the form and include a copy inside the package with your pistol when you ship. If you are shipping more than one firearm, please refresh screen and submit a new form for each. **Important note: if you do not see a reply to this order form within 24 hours, please check your email Spam folder.** Thanks!

The LWG/ HKP VP Series triggers were carefully designed to provide huge benefits regarding promotion of proper trigger control, ease of user interface, efficiency of motion, and an aesthetically pleasing ergonomic shape that won't abrade the shooters finger. Users will find they have a more natural position for their trigger finger that yields a cleaner rearward pull, which is much less likely to create unwanted lateral pressure or other input into the trigger that significantly effects accuracy. The 90 degree break angle also greatly helps in this regard, and the short reset and elimination of over travel means the triggers motions are extremely minimal, clean, and crisp.

The triggers are machined from bar stock aircraft grade 7075 T6 aluminum, and Type 3 hard anodized for maximum lightweight durability. The safety tab spring is made by a US based aerospace spring manufacturer; the over travel stop set screws are purpose-built by a long time US screw company; the stainless steel axle/ pin used to retain the safety tab and trigger bar is the exact same used in factory HK VP Series triggers, from a high quality Swiss manufacturer. HK Parts and LWG pulled out all the stops for these three triggers, and they have the highest possible quality design and components. 

**12/14/2018 Announcement**

LWG is growing exponentially and is busier than ever! You may have noticed that comms and lead times have been delayed. The Holidays are typically a slow-down time for LWG, but this is one that has needed a BIG focus on my wife and three kids. I have been completely consumed with LWG and they haven't had my attention or spent quality time with me for nearly 3 years. Family always must come first, and I am going to spend this Holiday Season trying to make it as special as I can for them. **At this time we are asking customers with new projects, please WAIT until JANUARY 15th, 2019 to send them in to us. To clients with work already in-house, please bear with us as we get caught up, and our apologies for any extended timeframes.** LWG IS NOW ON A HOLIDAY SCHEDULE, BUT WILL BE READY TO ACCEPT NEW PROJECTS AS USUAL ON OR AFTER JANUARY 15th. From my family to yours, please accept our sincere appreciation. 

Merry Christmas!



​**Order Form Below**

  • Fully drop-in, no gunsmithing required (recommended to be installed by a gunsmith, due to the moderate level of difficulty of disassembly of the VP Series pistols)
  • Shortens reset length
  • Improved trigger finger position and 90 degree break angle significantly helps to promote trigger control and increase accuracy.
  • Eliminates over travel with externally adjustable over travel stop screw.
  • Maintains pre travel to preserve all critical drop safety timing and integrity
  • Designed with any hard use in mind, fully appropriate for duty, competition, self defense, or range only
  • Trigger utilizes the factory OEM trigger bar, and does not increase or reduce the break weight of the pistol. Other reduced power springs are available at to reduce break weight. 
  • Should only be used with factory Trigger Return Spring (TRS) to assure optimal, positive reset.
  • Compatible with all VP Series pistols including VP9, VP9T, VP9LE, VP9L (when available), VP9OR (when available), VP9sk, VP40, VP40T

The installation of the LWG trigger does not eliminate or diminish any factory safety features or critical engagement values. This means you do not have to pull the trigger to take the slide off, an important factory design feature that is integrated into the original design of the VP Series trigger system by HK. 



1) All trigger sales will be held exclusively through, LWG will not stock any inventory for retail sales or for use in action services. Clients wishing to have their trigger installed by LWG will need to order the trigger from and ship it to LWG for one of our installation services listed below. 

***2) There are two HK VP9 parts from that we do not use in our work and do not recommend:

Titanium Striker (HKP-17643)

Ultra Match Spring Set (HKP-17222)

If you have these parts installed in your VP Series pistol when you ship in, please also send in the original OEM factory Striker and original OEM factory Trigger Return Spring, with the pistol in the box. We have spoken with HKParts about the issues we have identified with these parts, if you have any questions for us please contact us anytime.*** 



Three available professional installation options:

Trigger Installation Only (HK-AICS-TI)-  $85  (Estimated Wait, 5-10 Business Days)

  • HK Armorers Inspection and Cleaning Service, with LWG/HKP trigger install included.
  • This is installation only, with no action tuning performed.
  • Customers can include installation of other drop-in parts such as reduced power springs, aluminum striker sleeves, etc., at the same time- all for the same price (high quality approved parts only, aftermarket sights not included but available in separate service). 
  • Customer must purchase trigger from and ship in to LWG for install.
  • Does NOT include the option of adding CCR CPII refinishing to internal action parts.

Trigger Installation with Action Tuning (HK-MTI)- $175 (Estimated Wait, 5-10 Business Days)

  • HK Armorers Inspection and cleaning service included
  • LWG Trigger installation with specific comprehensive action smoothing and tuning geared directly around the new trigger.
  • Reduces reset even more than trigger alone provides, for a superiorly short reset and clean movements of trigger. 
  • Feed and reliability work
  • Customer must purchase trigger from and ship in to LWG for install.
  • Does NOT include the option of adding CCR CPII refinishing to internal action parts.
  • Your choice of break weight: 3.5lb Competition/ Range Only, 4-4.5lb Carry/Defensive, 5-5.5lb Factory Equivalent

​HK Master Reduced Reset Action Package with LWG/HKP Trigger Install (HK-MRAP-TI)- $320 (Estimated Wait Without CCR CPII Nickel Refinishing, 5-10 Business Days. With CCR CPII, 6-8 Weeks)

  • ​Our very popular HK-MRAP package for all VP Series pistols, with LWG/HKP Trigger installation included.
  • SAVE 10% on the regular HK-MRAP package price when choosing to have the LWG/ HKP Trigger installed! 
  • Customer must purchase trigger from and ship in to LWG for install.
  • INCLUDES the option of adding CCR CPII refinishing to internal action parts.
  • ​Your choice of break weight: 3.5lb Competition/ Range Only, 4-4.5lb Carry/Defensive, 5-5.5lb Factory Equivalent