Other hk services

Nickel Refinishing on Internal Steel Action Parts-$5 Shipped, Customer to contact refinishing vendor to pay for nickel work.

  • Lazy Wolf Guns charges the customer $5 for shipping to vendor for nickel. When the parts arrive at vendor, the customer must then contact vendor directly to confirm the details of their order and pay for their services. The parts are then return shipped once the work is completed to Lazy Wolf Guns for final reassembly and delivery to customer. 
  • PTFE Nickel benefits include exceptionally low coefficient of friction, superior release and excellent wear resistance. This is perfect for applications that require lubrication, hardness and extreme durability. As wear occurs fresh particles are exposed continuing to ensure the lubricating factors though out. This finish also allows longer firing periods between cleaning and makes cleaning of your gun a breeze.
  • Available add-on to any action work service package.
  • Customer can request this finish for any carbon steel parts of their firearm or magazines. If the customer wants to avoid any visible external nickel, they can choose only to refinish those internal action parts which are NOT externally visible to maintain a factory black outward appearance. 

HK Sight Installation, Regulation, and Zero -$75

  • Sight installation includes the clean and precise hand fitting of your supplied sights to your slide, mechanically centering in dovetail, and live fire final zeroing.
  • Installation of customer supplied sights ONLY. Simply purchase the sights you wish to have installed and ship them in with your pistol. This insures that your estimated lead time is not extended due to availability, and you get exactly what you want every time.
  • We can install any sights available for any model of HK pistol.
  • Customer may ship in only the slide of their pistol for sight installation if this is the only service requested.

HK LEM Conversion, P30 LEM 4.1 Conversion, or Other Installations -$99

  • Our policy is to perform an armorers inspection to assure the safe condition and function of any firearm to have new parts installed. Installation of customer supplied parts is included with the HK Armorers Inspection and Cleaning Service.
  • Customers must provide any LEM kits or other parts (such as ambi-safeties or extended magazine releases) that they wish to have installed on their pistols. Simply purchase what you want to have installed, and send it in with your pistol.
  • There is NO CHARGE for ANY parts installations if you are also having action work done on your pistol, as the price of an HK Armorers Inspection and Cleaning Service is already included in every package!
  • Parts exchanged out of customers pistols will be returned with pistol, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.

HK Trigger Guard Groove Removal -$150

  • Available for all variants of the HK P30, HK45, VP9, & VP40
  • Removes the trough in the bottom of the trigger guard, and re-contours the area to provide more clearance for trigger finger. Eliminates the "pinch" that some shooters experience; provides an aesthetically appealing and practical improvement.

HK and SIG Sauer Pistols, Slide, Frames, or Other Refinishing & Stippling or Red Dot Sight Milling Options

  • All refinishing and frame stippling services will be handled by outside vendors at this time. If this is something you would like to have done while your work is here, Lazy Wolf Guns will ship your parts to any outside vendor at your request. We will only charge a small shipping fee to send the part to the vendor (Some items may require part prep before shipping, price for that is discussed with customer and determined on case-by-case basis). Customer must then make contact and separate payment arrangements for that work directly with that vendor at their standard pricing rate. After the parts return to Lazy Wolf Guns, the pistol will be assembled, inspected, and test-fired as usual. (Please note that the estimated lead time provided by Lazy Wolf Guns could possibly increase to include the vendors turn-around time.) In most cases we have vendors for these services that we would be happy to recommend.


Fill out the form below and click submit. You will be emailed a copy of this form, please print the form and include a copy inside the package with your pistol when you ship.