General services for all makes and models of firearms

Expedited Sight Install Service - $75 + Shipping

  • ​With this service you can have new sights installed on the slide of your favorite pistol quickly and professionally! Ship in your *slide only* and the sights to be installed, via USPS Priority. Sights will be installed, mechanically regulated in the dovetails, and return shipped within one week!

  • This service is offered to give customers an easy way to have sights professionally installed for the least out of pocket cost. Customers can ship in the slide of their pistol and sights to be installed via USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Insured, for around $10.

  • If the slide is sent in with the frame, this is sight install and centering in dovetail only. Any live fire tuning/ fine windage adjustments the sights may need to fully zero must be made by the customer.

  • The entire pistol may be shipped in for live fire sight zero for the same price, if the customer chooses. Note: All rules of shipping serialized frames apply, serialized frames cannot be shipped by private persons via USPS outside of an FFL dealer, they must be shipped UPS or FedEx Overnight service.

​​To arrange for this service, please send us an email at